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I have a recently setup tank, and did first trimming of stem plants (Rotala Nanjenshan and Rotala Rotundifolia Green) and now they appear quite blackened and small (compared to the top of the stems that I chopped off). Other stem plants in the tank seem OK. Am I correct in assuming this is BBA?

Tank inhabitants are ~10 amano's and 3 oto's. Injected CO2 when lights are on, probably about 10-20ppm. I dose liquid ferts that should be equivalent to EI daily (Fluorish Comp for micro's), but I think I may be a bit off on potassium, b/c I had issues keeping K2SO4 dissolved in water. I started pulling back on nitrogen and phosphates too, when I started to see signs of algea on glass, which in retrospect I probably shouldn't have. 1/3 water changes about every 4-5 days.

Does this just sound like nutrient imbalance? I'm thinking I should go back to normal dosing levels for N/P, and get a pre-mixed K solution, to be sure I'm dosing the right level. Also maybe add some fish, in case there's a nitrate or phosphate deficiency. (Since tank has cycled, ammonia / nitrite / nitrates all register zero.)


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