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Black Tips on Java Fern Windelov

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I bought a nice healthy chunk of Java Fern Windelov about a week or so and have been leaving it float until finally today I got around to tying it to a piece of wood. All the tips (down 1/2 inch or so) have turned black over the past week or so. Did I burn it by keeping it too close to the lights or is this an adjustment that this particular plant makes to new conditions?

Any ideas?
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I noticed that alot of my little java fern leaflets have black tips as well, and some are directly under light - yet my main java fern plant is shaded and the same way as well..

Kinda noticed it was a slow grower..
It could be a little of both lights and adjustment. Was it shipped / Did it see a dramatic temp change? Etc...
Wouldnt worry much after only a week...

All ferns have a rhyzome, as long as that isnt damaged it can always come back. Just trim away failing leaves so the plant does not spend energy trying to save them and it will come back better.
Great advice - thanks. Yes, it was a chilly trip, and yes they've been floating next to my HOT5's for the past 7-10 days. I've finally got them bolted to the bottom. The idea about trimming the dead parts makes a lot of sense. I'll see what happens to them!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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