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Hi all. I need some advice. Been searching the net and not having much luck. So I have this black spot algae growing on my plants and it's starting to take over. I need to get rid of it! I've read that overdosing with excel can help. It did for a few days but it killed out my vallsnera grass forest . After a few more days it's back at full strength. I've read about bleach dipping but want to avoid that if at all possible. I have a new set of red cherry shrimp just coming out so I don't wanna get into disturbing their hiding places etc. Water parameters are reading fine. 0 ppm ammo and nit. I have an otocinclus, a bunch of red cherries and a nerite snail in the tank - none of which will touch the stuff it seams. I have a friend who said I could borrow his baby bristle nose for a month to try it but I don't think he'll eat it up either. I'm wondering if I added a CO2 system if that would get rid of it permanently? I run a finnex led light system on my 15 gallon column. The plants do fine growth wise. I do bi-weekly with excel. Filter is aqueon quiet flow 20. There is currently shrimp in the tank (mostly cherries plus one Amano), two frogs, one nerite, one false julii (yes I know should be more but he's getting moved soon as his friends died a while back and I don't want anymore Julius), some glow fish danios and some neon tetras - not interested in a stocking thread haha. Anyone with more experience with planted tanks please help! This is my first planted tank and I would love to run it healthy!


1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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