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Black patch on a Cardinal

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I found out I had Ich in the tank. Observing my cardinals I noticed the little white buggers on three of the largest, no other fish in the tank show any. I slowly brought the temp in the tank to 85ish last week to try to kill them off. The infestation seems to be stymied with few fish left with any outward signs. How ever the largest of the cardinals has developed a black area at the base of it's tail. The fish seem less healthy than before. Any Ideas?
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Very possible that an infection has set in a wound from the ich. If you're still medicating for ich then I'd probably add in some Melafix. If you're dong with ich meds then you might want to go straight for a "real" antibiotic.

That's my best guess at any rate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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