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As the title sais. Halfmoon beta, will breed. Beautiful blue run off in tail and fins. One characteristic red spot on his dorsal fin, I just bought a new male to breed with so I need to make some room.

I'm willing to part ways with him for 18$ including shipping. Breakdown of 9 for beta and 9 for shipping. If you have no money, I would consider a trade. PayPal only

Mail German blue ram, his mate died and I'm looking for a new home. 6$ plus ten

Also for pick up only I have a 29 gallon tall with hood and led lighting.
Ten gallon, and another ten gallon with gravel, light and hood, whatever rocks and wood are in there, I did silicone then down because I was keeping a turtle, but they can easily be removed. We can discuss pricing if your interested.

And also I have a huge ziplock freezer bag of fake plants (ironic isn't it) that I'm looking to get rid of for like 30$ shipped.

Oceanic natural sea salt mix 2 of them for 15$ each pick up or local delivery only( makes 90 gallons, one is open but only a tablespoon is missing)

Caribsea aragonite sand 30 pound bags 2 of them for 10 each brand new also a pick up or local delivery only

(Sorry but shipping will be too expensive for these items)

Amazon frogbit- enough to cover half to three fourths of a 5.5 gallon tank. 7$ plus 6$ shipping.
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