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Black Marbel Mystery Snail first timer

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I just bought a Black Marble Mystery Snail, just one because I wanted it for my 8 gallon tank that has a few algae. It's my first time using this snail that's why I only bought one. I spend about a good 20 minutes looking at it at the fish store then decides to give it a shot since it's $1.99. Got it home, let it acclimated to the tank and let it go freely. It just sank to the bottom and doesn't move at all. Are these snails like this? It however is munching on my Aquasoil Amazonia II substrate but doesn't move lol.

I dealt with Assassin snails but my first time with this type of snail. It's about a quarter size in size. I even turned off the light for short period of time and no reactions. Maybe it's a Lazy Snail, cause at the store it was pretty active moving along the tank's wall. Any inputs comments welcome!
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ahh! I found him just now, turned on light at 7PM. That little bastard was playing dead and went hiding, it's all good now cause he's sucking the algae off the front glass! If it starts breeding, Imma have to kick it out.

Will the Black Marbel Mystery snail mate will Ivory and Golden Mystery snail as well? I don't know much about snails besides Assassin Snails.
Yes, they will breed, they are the same species. However, they lay a clutch of pale pink eggs above the surface of the water so if you keep your water high enough they won't even bother. If they do lay eggs just scrape them off. They are hard on the outside and gooey on the inside. They take at least a month to hatch, too, so don't worry about it. You pretty much have to TRY to breed them. If you don't try, they probably won't try.
I spend about a good 20 minutes looking at it at the fish store then decides to give it a shot since it's $1.99.
Lol, 20 minutes inspecting a mystery snail! I can only imagine how long it would take you to find the right pair of shoes.
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