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Black lava rock - where to buy cheapest?

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Where are you guys getting your black lava rock? Petsmar has some fairly weak looking peices but medium size for $5.

Im not looking to spend $50+ on 4 rocks either. Thats just too much for me to afford.

Seems no where locally realy has a decent size / price
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I'd try landscape supply, rock/gravel/stone yards, and other nurseries, greenhouses, garden centers, etc.

Pretty often they have the gravel type stuff, but sometimes you can find bigger pieces used as decorative accents or whatever.

It's worth looking for, if you can find it at one of those sorts of places, it's going to end up being sold by the pound, and probably much less then $1/lb.

I had bought a big chunk of pumice at one of these places, and it only cost me ~$0.25/lb, and I imagine that's on the higher end of pricing, cause the rock is so light.
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