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If a total amount of 50 shrimp can be ordered, pricing is $70 a piece.

Sizing: 0.8-1cm (this size survives better in transit)

DOA: 100% DOA Guarantee on Express shipments only. Ship priority at your own risk. A picture of any DOA must be submitted with a timestamp within 2 hours of delivery time.

Express: $35.00
Priority: $12.50
Combined shipping is available. So if there are 3 of you that all want your stuff shipped to the same place, you can do this.

I have posted this for sale thread on 3 other sites, so if a total of 50 is ordered from various individuals, it will add up to what is needed for this price drop.

Shrimp will ship week of 8/29

TOTAL ORDERED: 4 (Updated 8/11)

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I will take 50.

OK--just kidding. Its interesting seeing people order ONE shrimp. But, at $70 a pop its understandable. I personally cant imagine taking a chance on a shrimp that expensive--makes me cringe just thinking about a power outage at my house and a tank full of belly up shrimp. oof.

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I am sure you can make room for some :)
You mean, you're going to make room in your house for me? When my wife kicks me out. hahah....

I'm close to ordering just to help make the number....THAT'S what a nice guy I am...:)...I'm in at #48 for two....

I think I just ruined my CRS tank...oh well...what's the worse that can happen? Make my own hybrids?

LOL Lee is not helping Howard's addiction here.
Wut are you talking about? Preschool is way over rated. Preschool we don't need no stinking preschool!
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