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I have some black hair algae in my 40 g. tank, and I have been reading threads here & all over the web on it ...Before I try the peroxide and the 1-2 punch, I have some questions, and here's some info about my tank:

- I know BBA is caused by an imbalance in lights, ferts & CO2. CO2 is what's lacking in the tank. I realize any solution will be temporary until I get into the CO2 game.

- I used to use EXCEL, and the planted tank at my LFS dosed EXCEL daily and had jungle vals that looked great. For me, my jungle vals always seemed to wither away, and they've only somewhat stabilized once I stopped using Excel.

- Lights are T5HO, on for 8 hrs. Should I cut back? Should I do a 3 day black out? Should I do lights on for a 3 hr chunk? (I also use an LED accent light for when the T5 is off, and then switch the LED to blue - I don't know if that light on for so long contributes to algae, BBA or otherwise).

- Recent changes to the tank: I just added a mystery snail. I also switched my aqua clear filter to an eheim. The spray bar from the eheim is directly over the driftwood with the black algae. Will the change in water current disturb it at all?

For now I scrub at it during a water change, but I need some help!


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