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Black Diamond BS....something doesn't look right?

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So I went and grabbed a 50lb bag of Black Diamond Blasting Media 20/40 from Tractor Supply today along with a brand new Tractor Supply bucket and lid. Came home, dumped it all in the clean bucket, added water and started stirring and sifting. First thing I noticed is that there were some sharp pieces and a lot of little tubular pieces. Anyone else have pieces like this in theirs?

Secondly, after a good 35-45 minutes of sifting, stirring and rinsing there was still an oily sheen on the water, oily sheen bubbles coming up from the bottom and the bucket's sides were coated in a dark grease. Is this normal of this stuff?

Working on getting pictures up right now.


Here's the real kicker....I found this within the first five minutes of sifting, it was not flexible and it did not bend or break.

Is all this what everyone else has experienced as well?

Can/should I use this?
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Think of it as extruded glass, and the weird shaped parts make more sense. I see some similar things in mine if I look closely, though infrequently. My GUESS is their manufacturing process may be a bit inconsistent, after all it's aimed at sand blasting not esthetics. I had no issue with oil, in fact I suspect what people see is extremely fine dust that floats. Had a fair amount of that, I just washed for a few hours. I find a continuously running hose best -- just poke it around in the sand, let it overflow and the floating stuff goes away faster.

I've had my first black sand tank going now for 9 months, I don't regret it at all. It is FAR easier to plant and replant in than gravel, and the plants seem to love it.
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