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Black Diamond and Laterite

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I have box 55oz of the API laterite. Is it worth mixing it in to the Black Diamond or should is use something else? This is going into a 26g tank. Already own both and thinking of running with it. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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I used laterite with my BDBS and I've already seen great growth in the first two weeks already. I feel laterite helps in giving plants a good iron supliment and really helps heavy root feeders and carpeting plants. I would mix a few pounds of BDBS and laterite on the bottom around the tank. Then cap with just BDBS. Make sure you follow the recomended amount as I think a 55oz box can do a 100g tank or so. I've read of cases where putting too much can have negative effects. A little goes a long way with that stuff.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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