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Black Bar Endlers and their Babies

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I had a trio of endlers, two of which passed several months ago. Fortunately, the sole female kept making babies due to their ability of storing the male's sperm for quite a long time. I managed to save only a reverse trio for the last 3 months. Today, the mother of the reverse trio gave birth to at least 2 babies. I hate catching babies. I have fry loving fish, such as rams, black phantoms, and apistos. How do all of you livebearer keepers save your babies?
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When they are about to give birth most people move them to a breeder tank or at least one of those plastic fish breeders that you can hang inside the tank. The plastic breeders can come with a tray insert so the fry/eggs separate away from the parent fish and you can easily scoop it out after birth.
I throw my gravid Yellow tiger endlers in my 10 gallon RCS tank, once she's had the babies i put her back in the tank. Raise the fry in the shrimp tank for a few weeks and put them back in the endler tank.
In my 15 gallon high I have enough plants in there that it looks like a jungle and some of the fry always survives.
How fast do all of your babies grow? Mine took two months to show the sexual differentiation.
Isolate the Endler colony in a 20 gallon minimum tank (they are in a 29, now). Endlers tend not to eat their babies, so the young grow up with the colony.

When I have enough to sell I have a net that is just the right size: Fry swim out through the holes, and I catch the larger females by hand and put them back in the tank. This leaves the males and 'teenage' females in the net so I know the person is getting young stock.
I keep a species only tank when I bred, they don't eat the fry. Mine also took about two months to show differences, however I did have a few that I swore were female turn out male, so hard to see those tiny anal fins.

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I have a 30 gallon community tank, heavily planted. I have neons, serpaes, rasboras, pygmy sunfish, and endlers. Plus rcs and amano shrimp. They all do great together. I have a hugh success rate with both the endlers breeding and pygmy sunfish breeding. I thank microworms every day. Those little squirmy worms keep all the fry happy and growing fast. Plus the tank is thick with plants, so some fry always survive...actually a lot of fry survive!

Endlers grow somewhat slow (not as slow as pygmy sunfish though), you won't see sexual maturity for 3-5 months.
If you have good quality tank with lots of plant life and some microworms, you shouldn't ever need to move gravid females or fry into a separate tank.

Good luck!
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