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BLACK algae

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In my planted 90 I have black algae around the edges of all of my plants (swords, java ferns, crypts, and also on my java moss. Any ideas about what has happened condition wise and what to do to keep it gone after I cut infected eaves. I cout alot off my plants but it has come back to play havac once again.

90 gallon
eheim 2026
inline co2 reactor
over drivin t8's
swords java ferns onions crypts java moss
gh 8
ph 6.8
kh 5
temp 77 f
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over feeding long of light period.not enough fertilizer or much fish poop.bioloical filteration not up to sufficent level.tap water is high in ammonia.
More gas, that nearly always makes it stop spreading. Spot treatment with flourish excel should kill what you have in there now.
You don't have enough CO2 in your water. A ph of 6.8 and a kh of 5 is about 23ppm CO2. Reduce lighting, increase CO2, x2 dose Flourish Excel for 10 days and trim out as much of the algae as possible and you won't have a problem with it growing back.

If you don't have a CO2 indicator, you may wanna check out this thread.

DIY Drop Checker - Page 2 - Aquatic Plant Central
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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