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Black algae bloom in my farm tank

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Hey plant peeps,
I left for a couple of days and my family left the lights on too long. I have some beautiful rose moss and fissidens that now is covered with a black hairy algae. Can someone help??
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Try posting a pic of it or describing it a little better so we can try to help, also post your water parameters and set-up.

Usually black algea appearing from lights being on too long sounds like BBA. Stuff is NOT fun to get rid of.. Same thing happened to me last year and the BBA is STILL in my tank.. H202 or excel from a syringe put directly on the BBA with the filters/powerheads off seems to kill it the easiest but it can easily spread/survive too, will likely take multiple treatments. Other option is cut off and take out all affected portions of plants if it's only on them for now and not growing on your glass/equipment yet.
clean your tank and filter (+ pipes), up your CO2, and then spot dose excel or peroxide (like holyangel described), top it off with a large water change.
repeat the peroxide/excel treatment as needed.
heads up, the excel can kill delicate plants such as UG, riccia, and e. belem (will not kill the roots, though, so it will regrow).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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