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bkk and eye color

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i have several now and was wondering about eye color because my largest one has more of a burnt orange color eyes where as the smaller ones are black. i know its been said as they age they will change but i would think the younger ones would have these eyes not the biggest one i have. i will post pics as soon as i can get some good ones. it tends to stay where i cant get a good shot lol.
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I get that when they are about to molt
I took this pic yesterday of a pregnant female panda. Here eyes sorta look brownish orangish. Most of my shrimps eyes are the same color. No babies "yet" to compare to.


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the eyes have been this way since i got it on the 2nd and im pretty sure it has molted. i managed to snap some pics of it.

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i know they are not great but any one have a clue on this? i did notice it was kinda jumpy with shadows and it does tend to hide in the plants a fair bit.
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