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Day 1:
Do!Aqua MINI-L
HOB - temp!
Powersand Special
Aquasoil Powder
Do!Aqua Music diffuser
Archaea 36W light modded to fit on the poles you see in the back.. didn't like the clamps.
Ohko Stone

Coming soon:
Eheim Ecco Pro 2262 (I know its overkill, but got it in a good trade)
GLA mini Pipes (waiting on eheim to install)
Aquatek Regulator
Mouse Sol.
UG(Mailed today)
Hair grass (chilling in a 10gal waiting on UG)
Shrimp......DON'T Know which ones yet....suggestions

Nov 05, 2011

Nov 25, 2011 - Added some CRS I had around and couple CBS. HG seems to be doing well.
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