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bitFUUL's Outdoor Nano Pond Tub

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It's taken me 2 months to mineralize this topsoil in the dead of summer in Orlando (lots of rain). But it's finished, pond is planted and flooded. Will do water changes for the first couple weeks as things settle in, after that hopefully it will take care of itself.

Tank: Roughly 20 gallon Plastic Planter Tub
Filter: Aquaclear powerhead
Lighting: Sun
Substrate: Mineralized topsoil with Safe-T-Sorb cap
Fauna: Pond snails (possibly fish/shrimp later)
Flora: Mixed stems trimmed from other tanks, with floaters to cut down on the sun's intensity.


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Great job. What does the water temp get to during the days? I would worry that it would get to hot and boil everything inside.
Haven't taken the temp, but the floaters should keep the temp down.
Everything is thriving, so I'm not touching it! :biggrin:
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