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bitFUUL's "I've given up, MTS control me now" 7.13g rimless

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I'm not even fighting it at this point. Nabbed another cube:

Tank: 7.13 gallon Aquatop Rimless Nano Cube
Filter: Aquaclear 20 Hang on the Back
Lighting: 12" Finnex Fugeray LED
Substrate: TBD
Decor: TBD
Fauna: TBD
Flora: TBD

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I love your tanks but can't even keep track! What's the one in back, next to the Rockit with the little Wavepoint LED spotlight?
It's my 4.12 gallon rimless. They are both AquaTop high clarity tanks and they are both have silicone work that is cleaner than the ADA 60P that I just received. I agree with somewhatshocked, been dabbling with ADA/GLA/Mr. Aqua over the years but these AquaTop tanks are stunning! From the packaging to the final presentation, these new tanks are tops with me.
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