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Bit the Bullet

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A week ago I bought these guys:

I ordered 10+2, but 1 died on arrival :( But they're doing well in my new tank. Also I moved my OEBTs over to the new tank because the 10 was infested with bugs and one tank is easier to manage.
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Those are some really nice CRS!

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What type of CRS are they, Pure line or regular?? What PH are they in, OEBT and CRS tend to like different conditions, and they will cross breed
I think pure line means that they have not been mixed with wild caught bee shrimp, but I have no clue how one can tell. Please correct me as I just took
Can someone explain pure line to me?
Pure line means never mixed with golden/ Snow White. In theory pure line should be more "weaker" / more sensitive to water parameters because of the over and over breeding among them self (incest).

Same like human when this happen their offspring will be weak (more like phisically/ mentally challenge). But for shrimps, their color turned more vibrant and awesome. But just more sensitive to water parameters.
I don't know if they're pure or regular, but it's a 95% chance it's regular.

Also they're being housed in a pH of 6.5. I got the OEBTs from Alpha Pro Breeders, and their stock is raised in 6.6-6.8.
Unless you paid $25-$3000 a piece, they're not pure line. lol.
Pure line is over rated lol. Now days $5 S grade shrimp has pretty solid whites.
agreed though if you actually get a quality speciment, you'll likely see a red that will knock your socks off. I have to tip my hat to those benibachi and crimson lines, to name a few. Have seen plenty of bold whites these days in various non prl crs grades. What appears to be more rare are solid pearl whites in CBS... I think going pure line in CBS might still be the way to go.
I gotta say though, the best feeling is spending time at the LFS picking out the perfect shrimps and then bagging them. But when you get shrimps in the mail its like Christmas hahaha.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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