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Pretty much all African Cichlids will eat plants but it depends what type of plants you have, and they'll probably uproot them.
All African Cichlids would be aggressive, and most need a 55 Gallon tank at the minimum. Some shell dwellers don't but they're still aggressive.
With African Cichlids you don't want to get a pair because the male is too aggressive trying to mate and will beat the female to death if there's only one, if you want them to breed you should get a one male to at least 3 female ratio.
To get Africans to spawn you just have to put a mature male in a tank with mature females and wait.
I'd suggest you don't get African Cichlids because they're too aggressive for your tank-mates. and if you are going to try Africans DON'T GET MBUNAS they're the most aggressive type of Africans and they need a 55 Gallon tank minimum to be happy.

You could probably breed an Angelfish pair in that tank.

If you still want to keep Africans go to Kgtropicals on youtube, he has a great channel and has tons of info on African Cichlids. He also has a 7 video series on breeding angelfish that's really informative.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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