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BioCube Hardscape

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I'm just learning planted tank stuff. I spent more than 6months to read all technique but still i need hands on experience.

What you guys think about the scape. Any suggestion to modify and Plant suggestions. I really need your comments.


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Hard to tell if you've done so already, but if not, I would slope the substrate so it's higher at the back, and like Jason said, definitely move the rocks on the right forward. If the substrate is raised at the back, it will give the tank more depth, and the rocks on the right will be lower when you move them forward down the hill too, which will also make a big difference. Don't change the positioning or angle of either group of rocks though! They look great!
Thanks for the suggestion. I did moved the right rock to forward and And I couldn't slope the substrate @ the back bcoz the water outlet holes are there in the bottom.

Now I planted with HC, Ricca and Fissiden. Will update the pictures soon.
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