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Biocube Filtration?

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I just setup a biocube 14 that I want to keep shrimp and plants in it I was wondering if I fill chamber #2 up with water where the bio balls are would this in turn act as a bio filter same as a canister and not a wet/dry. would it help if I remove bioballs and fill chamber with bio matterial same as a canister. And also any ideas on how to block intake so shrimp do not get sucked up into the filter?
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I have a 14 gallon biocube too! I run the wet/dry filter the way it was meant to be run. I am not running any Co2 so I don't mind. However I don't think running it with both chambers full is really a problem.

I didn't cover up the intakes, but I have a lot of shrimp so I don't mind if they get caught in the filter.
Urkevitz I decided not to go with co2 I was at first. now I'm running the wet/dry like it should. I guess your catching the shrimp on the cover of the bio balls but how about when they have babies are they big enough not to go through that cover?
If the water that flows through both the lower and upper inlets must pass through the filter cartridge I would not worry about baby shrimp being sucked through the filter.

I didn't take a good look at how the filter is configured so I am not sure how it works. But I think that shrimp would probably like living on the surface of the cartrigde and would be able to move in and out of the tank if they wanted to.
I have a 29g bio cube, and the filter cartridge is a pita. mini sump needs constant refill.
So far I catch the adults on the cover of the bio ball compartment they can't go through there but once they have babies I was concern about them going through that cover into the bio ball compartment and getting caught in sponge of the mini sump. I think when they have babies I'm going to put a filter pad covering the bio ball compartment so they can't go through that should work.
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