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Biocube 29 SubStrate

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Just got a biocube 29 from someone for some of my old reef aquarium pieces. My question is what substrate should I use? (On my old I used eco complete) and how much should I need for this biocube? I was thinking about ordering the aquasoil amazonia. Any information would help since I've never owned a biocube!
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I got eco complete in my biocube 14. 20lb.

As I understand it, Eco complete will last you years but will not grow your place quit as well at amazon. Amazon on the other hand grows plants better but turns to mud after a year or so.
unless you need the buffering capacity, id say keep the eco complete and maby throw a layer of mirical grow under it! either MTS or ive been just sifting my mirical grow and putting it in just like that.

If you need the buffering capacity of an active substrate than thats a different story.
Thank you for the replies, What happens once the aquasoil is "mud" do you just replace it or add a new layer?
you would replace as all the nutrients are depleted. those who dont want to do a tear down just layer on top but it displaces water... the cost of being lazy i guess.... go with eco complete and root tabs/osmocote capsules or liquid ferts.
Also does anyone have any idea what I should put in the back chambers? I was thinkin about a large sponge, some eheim ceramic disks and also carbon
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