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Biocube 14 gallon Aquascape Make-Over

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So, I've decided that I'd like to change the aquascape in my 14 gallon Biocube. I've had this tank for a bit now and always ran it freshwater. It's quite a beautiful tank itself but my aquascaping skills never really please me. Anyhow, it's all stock except I replaced one of the bulbs with another 10,000k. (I'd like to find a 6,500K 24w straight pin bulb but can't seem to locate one?)

My idea's for this new change of scape would be to use dirt (miracle gro organic choice potting mix) cap'd with some substrate of sort?
I'd also like to plant heavy but not sure of what plants to use? Any suggestions on plants that will group well together? Do well in this type of setup? I also use a co2 ladder system if this would help?

I'm looking for some plant ideas beyond Ferns and Moss, although I will want to use them in this tank too.

Here's a look at the tank now as it stands.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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