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Biocube 14 Empty and need advice

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I just bought a used Biocube 14 for an amazing price and am really excited to set it up as my first planted tank.

I have been reading a lot of articles but there is so much information out there I'm not sure whether to start off Low tech or go all out with the vision I have in mind.

I want to try to carpet the tank with Dwarf baby tears and have a single piece of driftwood that I want to grow into a "tree" with Java moss. I want to get things set up properly before even considering which inverts or fish I should stock.

At this point I am thinking I will use one of the two bulbs in the Biocube, if i do low tech, but want to see if it is possible to start out with CO2 and still be successful as a new planted tank hobbyist.

Any advice is appreciated!
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That's a great platform for a planted tank. If it's your first time setting up a planted tank, I would recommend getting the tank started low-tech and then move it into high-tech as you have funds or as things progress. (ie. start your substrate and "moss tree" now so you give it time to grow out)

The lighting will likely be something you want to upgrade, so you might want to decide now if you want to continue using the PC bulbs or go with a LED retrofit so you can have fully adjustable colors and intensity.
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