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Bio load mystery

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After reading mystery snails can help a tank I went out and bought two about the size of 50 cent pieces. I began reading more when I got home to find mixed views. Some people say they add huge bio loads to tanks and get ready for ammonia spike and some say they only help the tank so plz advise me on what you all know about these snails should I keep them or get rid of them
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They do eat a lot of algae/dead plants/ and what not. I don't think you'll see an ammonia spike, just an increase in bioload. I wouldn't worry depending on the size of your tank.
It's really the amount of food that you add to the aquarium that decide the bioload. Do you add any more food, or do the snail only eat leftovers, algae and dead plants? Those things would be decomposed by bacteria and be a bioload anyhow.
They have a bioload, but unless you are adding yours to a really small tank, you'll be fine. They are very prolific in terms of poop production, it's true. They are supposed to eat dead plant matter, and leave live plants alone, which is a good thing for planted tanks.

Well my tank is a 10 gallon some what planted tank with 3 fancy tail guppies u can see my tank in general topic area under opinions please I have a bio wheel 150 as filter if that helps any more
I hope not I loved them in my lfs they looked like little steam rollers
I had 10 mysteries in my 13g and everything was fine. No need to worry. If you're still worried, test your ammonia for about a week. If it's up a bit, do a WC or drop in some Prime if you want to do it the lazy way. ;)

Edit: they are pigs, that's for sure. You will need to supplement their diet with calcium rich foods unless you've got hard water. Zucchini, spinach and kale are all good. Mine ate anything I gave them. Just make sure it's almost mush or they won't be able to eat it.

Thanks everyone for the quick answers
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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