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Hi Folks,

I've created a very simple bio-load calculator in Excel. Been useful to me for planning purposes. I've seen a lot of questions here regarding how many fish a tank can support. Calculations are just a way to estimate of course, but I thought it useful. Has been to me.

So here is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use for planning. It uses the W x L divided by 8 formula to determine estimated, supportable "fish inches" for a given size tank.

It then lets you enter fish, quantity, size (you should use the adult size of your fish) and calculates the bio-load used, and remaining. There is also a planning section where you can enter additional fish parameters and see how they impact your load, so you can play with number withough impacting the data for your existing fish.

So here you go. Hope its useful.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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