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Bigger tank

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Hey there everyone. I just went and picked up my 90gal today. Im going to be moving everything from my 55 to it. So my questions is what is the best way for making the change over. So I dont have to do a full cycle on it. Im going to be using the same filter and try to use alot of the same water. I have read that if I use some of the mumm from my old tank that will help. I plan on putting my water from it into a big rubber contaner with my fish in there temp as I break it down. Im going to be using all new sub even though I have eco in my old tank and thats what Im putting in my new on. I was just starting the planted tank thing before I learned so much from on here. I mixed gravel and eco together and that really didnt turn out very well. That is why im going with new eco in my new tank. But if anyone has any great tips for the big change that is going to happen this weekend please let me know. I really dont want to loose any of my fish or plants.
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I would try to save as much of the old substrate as possible.
Maybe sift out the some of the plain if you can.
Don't clean your filter but if you can fit more bio media why not throw some in.

The new eco should have some bacteria in it so that should help.
Just stay on top of parameters and you should be ok.
Check like every three days and do a large WC if needed.
Good luck!
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