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Shipping is $8. Payment via PayPal goods and services method. Shipping only within the continental US. Sorry no local pick ups, had a bad experience with it in the past. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Water Sprite
These come from a tank that does not have any snails, detritus worms, scuds, planaria, or other pest critters!
Great plant, grows like mad for me-wonderful nitrate buster and fill out/background or floating plant. Can be planted in substrate or left floating. Does well in low tech through high tech/light. Packages are of various sized stems, container is 10"x6", yellow board is 16.5" long.
Portion #1


Salvinia Minima
Great floating plant, smaller than frogbit but larger than duckweed. has a cool cat tongue like top leaf texture. Does not burn from overly bright light nor melt from condensation drips under a lid like frogbit will.
$2 per portion
Portion= 10"x6" tub
Example of portion size below

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