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Rescaping, so much stuff goes.

Shipping depends on the amount bought, but it's exact, I dont plan to "make money" on it. All plants are easy shippers. Pics below show the "approximate" portions, not exact plants. I tend to do a bit more than shown so dont worry.

Blyxa $15 per package, 10-12 stems per package, vary in size, about 3 available, take all plants for $30 plus shipping.

HC, $10 per package, around 2.5x2.5 piece, perfect health, ZERO algae, came from a complete lush mat in the foreground. Grown submersed, never emmersed. Will take to your tank quickly.

ABOUT 10 portions available, 6 gone so far, maybe all, will know more tomorrow

Crypt Parva, the awesome foreground crypt, dont grow higher than 3" and send runners. Each plant I send is actually a bunch of plants, so you can get 3-4 from each one. "Lowcoaster" on Aquabid sells them for $7 per plant of similar size.

Price per plant: $5, or take all 15-16 bunches for $60.
Edit: all pending or sold.
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