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Big Shrimp Arrival Updated pics 10/28

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So I got in 5 TB 2 BKK 1 Shadow panda, and 2 mixed grade red pandas, today, 30 yellows, 25 Blue Velvets and 10 BTOE

All dripping now, all arrived great! Thanks to Nick on most! I will have pics up soon!
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Soon dripping now, and doing some other things, like working from home right now....
drip picks or it didnt happen :p
LOL, ohh they will be drip picks. These guys are on a 4 hour drip. If I keep the TB alive all weekend, I will be gettng 4 more from Mord!
You think, I was going to do a hour... I sided on error
Pppfffffttttt drop and plop ;) jk but I seriously can't wait to see photos

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Better safe than sorry. If you have time, drip as long as you want.

I'm just always strapped for time so 30min drips have been working well for me. :)
Yeah, the neos will be put in here shortly, most are pretty bullet proof..... Others now, I am to nervous..... Plus I can enjoy my investment up really close for a while longer
Nice on the new shrimp.

Nick you are a pro so you can get a way with 30 min drip. lol
Hey here is the guy that hooked me up with the yellows. You DRL goes out in about a hour....
cool im glad they all made it ok, are you happy with the colors on them?
They look good some look pretty stressed, but I blame that on my idiot USPS people..... They are the worst. They look nice, I will keep you posted and shoot you the tracking shortly
I don't want to even think of what that cost. O.O Then again, think about the profits you could make by selling the offspring! :D
Well right now it is about the joy of the hobby.... I had me PFR/Fire reds for a year before I wanted to sell any. Dont get me worng, the whole Idea is to build my OEBT, BTOE, CRS SS-SSS, PRL CRS, Velvets, Yellows, and maybe TB's all to selling levels. But I am happy enjoying them at the moment
Velvets before the dump

Tb's before, bad pic but they were all piled on each other


All in the tanks now and seem to be doing great! All full color and everything
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Sweet! Those are some good looking shrimp there

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Thanks, the TB are doing great! I know I am great with neos, and my black tigers have taken off in the last 3 months. So I had to splurge with TB.... Sold half my PFR stock and now I hope by this time next year I will have had baby TB's and added a hulk and some BB
Pics of them roaming the tank

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