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Hi guys, I recently got a new job as a Music instructor after i graduated so I was able to leave my old one i had during college which was professional aquarium maintenance/ cleaning for a Manhattan based company so I’m selling off a bunch of equipment I will never use. I am piecing it out separately or I will sell everything listed below in one big package for $350.
I will also entertain trades for plants. Thanks

Two Econo Dual Gauge Co2 Regulators- new unused - $70 each shipped

Burkert 2/2-way Miniature Solenoid Valve w/Stainless Steel Body- New Unused - $55

1 ADA CO2 System Co2 regulator $40

Milwaukee SM700 Lux Light Meter- new unused - $55

Two Hammerhead Float Cleaning Magnets- best most powerful long lasting algae magnet you will ever buy- I have three of them holding on to one- $40 each

Via aqua 2 x 18w CFL Light fixture (36 watts total) + Ballast - Hood fits perfectly over a standard 10 gallon all glass tank, giving you 3.6 wpg. Great for nano planted tanks or reefs. $40

250 Watt HQI Hetal halide lighting fixture Retro kit comes with= ARO Double ended ballast + Bulb endcaps + 250 watt 10,000 K bulb + Reflector and instructions (not pictured, yet…) Asking $100

Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer – used still works great- $25 shipped

Sedra 3500 Needle Wheel Pump – Used for Co2 reactor for 3 weeks- $35

The Cases for all these test kits have some external ware due to sitting in my equipment bag going from client to client however they were never used
LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit –$35
LaMotte Calcium Hardness Test Kit –$35
(unopened) Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Reef Master Test Kit- $15
Tests include Calcium Carbonate Hardness (KH) Phosphate and Nitrate
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