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HyDecided to go a different route . So selling all the plants in the picture . Most of them will be rooted specimens . Its a great deal for a wide variety with plenty of stems. Most are 3-5 inches.

Bacopa colorata x8 (including sideshoots)
Rotala macradra green x8 +
Bacopa japan x8+
Rotala magenta x8+
Rotala colorata x12+
Rotala hra x12+
Ludwigia red x7+
Rotala goias x3 (long stem with multiple sideshoots)
Limnophilia vietnam x8+
Ludwigia arcuata x8+
Rotala sp green x15+
Rotala sp type 4 x8+
Hygrophilia araguias x5
Golfball java moss

75$ shipped (will throw in a piece of bucephalandra)

Trade for shrimps or rare ferns or both!!

All healthy no algae that ive noticed .

Update:someone is willing to claim half . 40 shipped for half
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