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Big Planaria Problem!

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I have a 90gallon planted tank and a 75gallon non planted tank. The planted tank has eco-complete and black sand while the other non planted tank has just gravel. Both tanks have become over run with Planaria. I really hate this! I do not overfeed and perform water changes on a weekly basis. I know they are not harmful to the fish but I DON'T want them in my tank! I take pride in my tanks and want them to show it! Please HELP!!!
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I just had my first encounter with planaria and used dog dewormer (I don't remember which brand) with fenbendezole in it. That's the important part. It came in 1 gram packets of powder. I read a couple of places to dose .1 gram per gallon. I just spilled the powder out and divided it up by sight. I took the carbon out of the filter and it has been two days with no planaria or hydra. If I don't see any planaria tomorrow I'll put the carbon back in and do a big water change.
Are your fish too big to eat the planaria? Cause I've only had planaria in tanks before the fish moved in. But yeah, Panacur (that's the dog dewormer with Fenbendiazole in it) works really well to kill them. Just keep it in the tank for a few days so the planaria all die off. And keep in mind that you can never keep nerite snails in the tank after that unless you strip it down and replace the substrate. But if nerites are not in your future, it does a great job and doesn't harm fish or shrimp.
if nerites are not in your future, it does a great job and doesn't harm fish or shrimp.
be sure on the dosed amount, sewingalot overerdosed and it killed almost everything in her tank.
Thanks for the info on the dog dewormer. I will try that out! Don't plan on having snails I guess. Just want the planaria gone!
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