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Hello Everyone! Hope all your tanks are doing great

Tis the season for shipping! This week all plants are 10% off the listed price!! Get 'em while they last! :)

Everything is grown fully submerged. Minor algae is possible but most things have none visible. Any snails that happen to sneak by are absolutely free!!

Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Will cut a deal on large orders, etc.


Shipping is $9.00 via USPS Priority

Get $5.00 shipping on $40+ orders

FREE shipping on $75+


Plants shipped on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat

Paypal payment

** Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. See bottom of page for details


Bacopa sp CSP - Brand brand new species discovered last year in Columbia. Not officially ID'd yet other than being a Bacopa sp. Only a couple people have it so far. It stays short and branches a lot. The tops turn yellow-pink-purple depending on light. For sale are rooted stems about 4"-5" long, most will have a couple side branches

$5.00 each / 3 for $12


Blyxa alternifolia - Low growing branchy stem plant, green with red tops. Makes a great foreground bush or can be kept low as a carpet

$3 each / 6 for $15 SOLD

Cabomba furcata

$3.00 each / 6 for $15 SOLD

Clinopodium brownei aka Mint Charlie - Easy plant, can work low-tech, moderate growth rate

1.50 each / 7 for $9

Crypt parva mini - An uncommon mini variety of C. parva. Grows extremely slow but otherewise easy plant. The one in the pic is full grown, around quarter size

$6.00 each / 3 for $15 / 6 for $27

Eriocaulon 'kannurense' - Extremely rare veriety. Tall straight stem with a wide top and whispy leaves. The tops can get 5"-6" wide under strong light. Easy plant with a low KH, 3 or less

$19.00 each / ( 2 Left )

Eriocaulon 'vietnam'

$6.00 each / 1 avail

Eriocaulon lineare - easy, self-splitting Erio. Under strong light it changes color over the course of the day. Starts out green when the lights come on, then slowly turns a bright neon agave like you see in the pic. And you can watch it happen, starts at the bottom like a CFL bulb warming up

$9.00 each / 3 for $24

Erio quinquangular - Young rooted plants around golf ball size

$24 each / 3 for $65 SOLD

Gratiola viscidula - Easy plant, grows nice and slow. Makes a wicked looking thorny bush. It can work low-tech but the tips wont brighten up much.

$2.00 each / 7 for $12/

Hydrocotyle tripartita japan

Fat golf ball portion - $7 /1 avail

Hygrophila balsamica -

$5 each / 3 for $13 / 6 for $24

Hygrophila serpylla - Round leaf carpeting plant thats still fairly new to the hobby. Easy growing, spreads like Glosso w/dime size leaves. Works low-tech. To plant, cut the runners in 3 node lengths. Bury one node and leave two sticking up. It'll take right off

12 nodes for $8.00 / 24 for $15 (2-3 leaves per node)

Hygrophila siamensis 53B

$3.00 each / 6 for $15

Lagenandra meeboldii 'red round' - This variety stays small, 8"-10" full grown.

$15 each / 1 avail SOLD

Approximate size pictured

Limnophila chinesis

$3 each / 6 for $15

Limnophila indica

6 for $8.00

Limnophila 'Green Wavy'

$2.00 each / 7 for $12

Lobelia cardinalis 'small form'

$2.50 each / 6 for $12

Ludwigia inclinata 'curly tornado'

$6.00 each / 3 for $15 / 6 for $27

Ludwigia palustris (aka L. sp red / super red mini)

$2.00 each / 7 for $12

Ludwigia sp rubin

$2.00 each / 6 for $10 SOLD

Ludwigia senegalensis

$3.00 each / 6 for $15

Myriophyllum roraima

$2.50 each / 6 for $12

Myriophyllum sp guyana (mini myrio)

$2 each / 6 for $10 / 12 for $18 SOLD

Nymphaea santarem Dwarf Lily, stays small. These are young rooted plants w/4-5 leaves

$9 each / 3 for 24 SOLD

Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan'

Size varies, most between 8"-16" tall w/3-6 leaves

$7 each SOLD

Penthorum sedoides - Easy plant, works low-tech. You can keep it short like a capret by mowing it down and letting the stumps re-grow. Or can keep it as a stem plant 10-12" tall, stays vertical, not prone to lean or branch. Plants for sale are ~3"

$2.00 each / 6 for $10 $7 each SOLD

Pogosteman kimberly

$4.00 each / 3 for $10 / SOLD

Proserpinaca palustris (aka Mermaid Weed)

$2.50 each / SOLD

Red Tiger Lily - Young plants around softball size or a little bigger w/3-4 leaves each

$19.00 each

Rotala mexicana goias

$1.50 each / 7 for $9 / 15 for $18

Sagittaria cf. filiformis - Another one that's brand new to the hobby. Its native to Florida, grows slow and well-behaved. Cool dark green with lighter colored new growth

$5.00 each / 3 for $13 / ( 3 left )

Staurogyne spatulata - Nice big-leaved green stem that's still pretty new to the hobby. Easy to grow. Works well kept either short or tall. Its stiff and well-behaved, stays vertical

$3.00 each / 3 for $8 / 6 for $15

Syngonanthus Rio ***** 'Giant'

$5 each / 3 for $13 / 6 for $24 SOLD

Tonina fluviatilis 'Lotus Blosson'

$6.00 each / 3 for $15 / 6 for $27 SOLD

Tonina fluviatilis

$4.00 ea / 3 for $10 / 6 for $18

Mini Christmas Moss (True)

Fat golf ball portions - $12 ea SOLD


DIY Micro Fert Ingredients

Looking to roll your own but dont know where to start?? Here's all the non-Fe compounds you need without having to buy 10 lifetimes worth of each thing separately. It's enough to last a few years even heavy dosing a big tank

These are all listed on the popular nutrient calculators like rotalabutterfly and Zorfox. You just calculate for the desired ppm of each compound and make a solution just like any other dry fert. Be glad to assist if you have any questions about recipes or ratios

Includes 100 grams each:
Mn - MnSO4.H2O
B - H3BO3
Zn - ZnSO4.H2O

20 grams each:
Mo - Na2MoO4*2H2O
Cu - CuSO4.5H2O
Ni - NiSO4.6H2O

30 grams of Ascorbic Acid to set the PH and prevent mold (enough to make 60, 500 ML batches)

But wait...there's more!! You also get a heavy duty storage box to put everything in!


Also have

1/2 lb Fe DTPA 11% for $9
1/2 lb Fe Gluconate for $12

* Plant shipping rates apply ($5.00) Can combine with plant orders


Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If there is ever a problem, send pics within 2 hours of delivery and I will make it right.

Plants handle shipping very well, but please be mindful of your weather. If it is very hot or cold, make arrangements to bring the package inside as soon as possible after delivery. The biggest risk from shipping occurs AFTER the package is delivered.

I do not offer heat or cold packs because I feel like they arent necessary for plants. Cold packs are worthless after a few hours anyway. In six years of shipping plants all year round it's never been an issue. I'll make sure to provide healthy plants that are well-packaged, you make sure they get brought inside right away. As long as we both do our part everything should be fine in the 25-90 degree range.

You'll get an email with tracking info so you know when to expect. Can also do 'hold for pick-up'


Paypal payment - For fastest shipping use actual Paypal funds, eChecks or transfers will delay shipping until the money clears. (usually 3-5 days)


Thanks for looking, and good luck with all your aquariums! :)
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