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Big trimmings! 12 varieties starter package. 62 stems
All stems at least 3" long. Will not sell individually.

Each plant will be labeled.
pls NOTE: Shipping this coming Wednesday 03/26/14 & Saturday only, 03/29/14.

8x Rotala Green
6x Rotala Colorata
5x Ludwigia sp Red
3x Rotala Vietnam (sold on auction site at $3.00 each)
5x Bacopa Monnieri
5x Bacopa Caroliana
10x Rotala Rotundifolia
5x Limnophila repens mini (true variety)
5x Rotala sp H ra
2x Lindernia sp India-at least 2.5" long. (rare. Sold on eebbay for $3.00 ea)
4x Limnophila sp broad
4x Ludwigia brevipes

$29. Shipping $7

Plant Photos for reference.

Ludwigia sp Red

Rotala sp H ra

Rotala Vietnam

Rotala Colorata

Limnophila sp broad

Spikey Moss (true variety)

$9 size of a golf ball.
Shipping $6
Will combine shipping.


I sell Osmocote PLUS with ratio 15-9-12 (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) (a 5-3-4 ratio). NOT the regular Osmocote without "plus" sold out there.

Osmocote PLUS is discontinued in 2013.
Osmocote Plus Rootabs in white & green capsules
50pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $10 Shipped.
100pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $15 Shipped. (less $2 if purchased with moss or plants).

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