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For sale, four anubias lots for sale. These are anubias nana. The leaves, at maximum, are about the size of a quarter. Maybe a little larger than that, but not larger than a half dollar (in case anyone has one for a reference!).

Grown in my LED lit (160W, turned down), 75 gallon, EI dosed tank.

I have tried to clean the plants by removing older, GSA and damaged leaves. Some may remain, so clean as you see fit. Also expect some snails to be present (ramshorn). Roots were trimmed to ~1-2" to clean things up, as some of the roots were very long. Enough left to help with anchoring on pieces that had long roots.

Four lots, see descriptions below. UPDATE - lot #3 sold.

USPS Priority mail shipping. Shipping is included in prices.

All lots - regular bath towel, 12" of tape measure, sharpes and pens for scale.

Prices are below. If you want more than one lot, take $5 off the total.

PM with what lots you are interested in. First come, first serve based on the PMs I get (not posts in the thread).

Lot #1 - ~20 smaller pieces that have grown up in heavy shade. They are light green or scraggly. Would be perfect to put in a grow out tank. Will have a nice forest after a few months. $25 shipped.

Lot #2 -
One very large, one large and two smaller pieces of anubias. $30 shipped.

Lot #4

Three pieces, but with very long rhizomes. If you nick the rhizomes, you'll get offshoots. Or if you cut the rhizomes in small sections, you'll get individual plants. Great chance to end up with a LOT of anubias in a few months. $30 shipped.

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