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BGA where substrat meets front of glass

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I am starting to notice a bit of BGA starting to develop where the substrate meets the glass front. One suggestion was to apply tape along the front to block light from the exposed substrate.
I was thinking that maybe hydrogen peroxide would also work by using a syringe to inject the substrate between the glass. Can anyone give me an idea of just how much peroxide to use?
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The injection method definitely works; however, I don't know how much to use, exactly. Since it was local injection into the substrate, I just tried to use common sense. I used as much as I needed to and then stopped. You can sit there and watch the reaction in real time to tell when you are done.

Turn all filters and powerheads off so the H2O2 stays localized. If you are worried about an overdose, just treat it a section at a time. One single treatment completely killed it off in my case.
Hi Ian_4573,

I found that H2O2 treatment works best when the BGA has been in good light for a couple of hours so that the algae is at maximum photosynthesis. That may be hard to attain when the BGA is below the substrate. If you do dose, I have used 1.5 ml per gallon and the fish and plants suffered no ill effects.
algae at glass and substrate

would like to know how long the treatment is before the water change.loach's and cory's very touchy on oxygen levels. thank you,cornhusker:smile:
I treated staghorn successfully with h2o2. Turned off anything that created motion in the tank and let it sit for a few minutes to let the water calm. I treated with 1ml/gallon, squirting directly on the algae. It will bubble for a while. I left everything off for about 30-45 minutes before turning everything back on. With staghorn, it took about 4 to 5 days to kill it. I had already corrected what caused the issue in the first place, so it didn't come back. After the algae turned pinkish-red, I did a 50% water change on my tank (the norm), treated one last time and didn't change the water for a week. All my tank inhabitants (including habrosus corys and otos) never seemed to notice.

I attempted to treat a new case of BBA in the same manor, however, it didn't work well. My bottle of h2o2 is getting old, and is probably why it didn't work. BUT, when I tried upping the dosage to 2ml/g, I lost a cory and another one was acting strange. They seem to be pretty sensitive to everything. One large water change and backing down on the treatment seemed to help it out.
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BGA is a bacteria so I treat with Erythromycin .
250mg per 10Gal.
1 treatment will usually kill it. If not I retreat after 1 week .
Give it time and do not overdose. You will see it die off slowly but it will die.
I generally do not do water changes for the first 3-5 days.


Oh and dissolve the pill in a glass of water first.
The red candy coating looks nasty in the tank.
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