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BGA 3 Days After Fill

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Hello, I need some help getting some BGA under control. It's only been 3 days since I've filled the tank after a 3 month DSM. It smells bad! Here is a picture:

The BGA is very difficult to make out in the picture. Basically it is on the underside of the HC and on the front of the glass in a 8x8 section of this Mr.Aqua 12 Long.

Here is my setup details:

Mr. Aqua 12 Long Aquarium
Current Satellite+ 36” Light Fixture
Aqua Soil Substrate
Seiryu stone
Hemianthus Callitrichoides "cuba"
Eleocharis sp belem
Eheim 2215
DIY Acrylic Lily Pipes
Archaea 50W Heater
5lbs. Co2 Cylinder
Basic Beer Keg Regulator
Ista Co2 Reactor

And a link to my journal:

Please help!

I wonder if it would help to add an already cycled canister on this tank. I have one that I could transfer...

During week 1, I am only allowing for 3 hrs of light to avoid algae issues...
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I struggled with BGA within the first week of filling my tank after a 1.5 month DSM for HC and DHG. Rest assured you are not alone :)

I initially thought it was algae until I did a search for "tank smells" then got onto the musty type smell of BGA.

I read erythromycin (an antibiotic) will take it down but that entailed a 5 day dosing regimen and I didn't want to subject my beneficial bacteria and shrimp and otos to it for that long. Odds are they would have been fine but they were just added to the tank a couple of days before the BGA outbreak and I didn't want to give them any additional stress.

I removed them and my vals and went with the one-two punch. It worked wonders! The BGA slowly died away over the next couple of days and I can say I'm am completely free of the stuff right now. HC didn't die off but hasn't exactly flourished either. I think most of that is due to the transition from emersed to submerged growth though. I'm seeing new sprouts every day now. I should cut back some of the yellower HC. I think the BGA choked off a lot of it. That BGA grew like mad! I could not keep up with removing it by hand.

So long story. In short. One-Two punch. I'm glad I did it.
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My blue neo shrimp tank had some, for a while. I picked it off, increased circulation, and decreased light for a few days. Blam!!! No more algae!
I am having the same problem.

I am treating with H2O2 with regular water changes. If it dosent fix itself soon, I will try the one-two punch!
Today I started EM treatment. I will report back with results.
The EM treatment seemed to do the trick.
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