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beveragefactory regulator?

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After spending hours looking at DIY threads, I was wondering if there anyone has heard of these these regulators:

beveragefactory 742BF regulator ($42)
beveragefactory 342 Classic regulator ($39)

The second looks like what Rex Grigg uses in his systems, but the first has a nice, big, easy-to-turn handle. :icon_lol: I've also read that some people have trouble with leaking from using beer co2 regulators. Does anyone have experience with these or similar systems? (I also like how both of them vent at 51-55 psi, so it should prevent end-dumps?) Thanks for your input.

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The classic is a cornelius regulator and is used successfully by a lot of people. The two premiums are probably both micromatic and are used by sumo regulators. the other one you listed is more of an unknown here. I would go with the classic or premium over the unknown.
The classic you listed is a great regulator.
Match it up with a solenoid and a good needle valve and you will be good to go for quite awhile.

Here is the Pro regulator
+1 on the classic being a solid regulator.
Which is the exact one pictured above. lol
I've used both the classic and the premium and both of them work very well.
I have used the classic before, worked flawless.
Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Now just to track down a vise and appropriate adapters. (which I understand are a pain to find..?) I guess the few posts of leaky systems I read were due to not using threading or dope...

ChineseSnooker, naturally a dual stage would be my first choice, but they are sadly pricey, even used. :(
Which adapters are you needing?

The CGA 320 fitting is very easily to be found.

And nice dual stage regulators can be had for $30-$100
Adapters should be easily found at your local hardware store in the plumbing section.
Thats a cheap regulator! I know what reg I am getting....
The fittings that are really tricky to find are the little #10-32 fittings.
+1! They are only available from a few sources! Most of the other ones are easy to find though.
ChineseSnooker, naturally a dual stage would be my first choice, but they are sadly pricey, even used. :(
A lot of dual stage regulators that are ideal for our application can be found on ebay for $50 shipped.

Patience my friend :)
ridewake, it's the 10-32 fitting that yikesjason mentioned that's hard to find. CGA-320, not so much. :icon_roll

ChineseSnooker, just did an ebay search today and the cheapest dual stage is a $80 Concoa. So hard to be patient...:icon_lol:
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