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I've started working on a planted 10 gallon tank. So far it been about two months since I started and I think it coming along nicely.

Here the specs:
10 gal Aqueon tank
Aqueon quiet flow for 10 gals
A heater
Bag of charcoal (inside filter)
Seachem Flourite Black Gravel
Petco Black Sand
Large Driftwood
Medium Cholla wood

Just Co2 for now

Anubias Nana
Anubias Bartei
Java Fern
Amazon Sword
Red Lily
Cyptocoryne Wendtii
Aponogeton Crispus
Stuarogyne Repen
Rotala Indica
Dwarf Japan Pennywort
Water Sprite
Riccia Fluitans
Rotala Rotundifolio(I think)
Purple Cabomba
Monte Carlo
Marimo Balls
Tiger Lily


11 Ghost Shrimp
2 Nerites


47 Posts
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Oh, I also forget to mention in the previous post my lighting.


Industrial Clamp Light (2)
Phillips 60W Daylight Deluxe Medium Base

Let me know what you think about my tank and I welcome any advice, I'm really using the internet and basic knowledge here.
I do have some issues which I'll list below, so if anyone can answer them for me, it will be greatly appreciated!


I have monte carlo inside my tanks, planted stem by stem into the gravel. It hasn't really taken off, I believe it was grown emersed as I had a large melt off when I placed it in tank. Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to carpet? It has been growing about a month and half and is co2 enough for ferts?

The plant next to cabomba, is it Rotala Rotundifolio (the long reddish plant)? and I think it has iron deficiency which is why it's not red?

I love and hate my cabomba, reasons they require a good amount of space or else the bottom leaves fall off, it can get leggy if not given enough lighting, grows crazy fast..... Would cabomba be affected by heat? I think I'm going to place it next to the heater. Is there a way to trim it better so it looks nicer instead of the "sheep grazing on it look"...

My water sprite was given to me bright green color, it has now turn brownish ( i think it diatoms) but the new leaves are still bright green. Should I trim the new sprites and replant? or leave it alone?

How do I get a low bushy dwarf pennywort and the leaves are browning just like the water sprite?


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