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Betta won't eat flake

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Hi their just got a betta and he won't eat tropical flake food...

I've just got some dried bloodworm..

If he doesn't eat that could I possibly give home some marine fish pellets??? For meantime?

Need some expert insight in this matter

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Well, I feed mine Hikari Micro Pellets. They're small enough for his mouth and he loves them. Maybe you could try them?

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I'm going to try the freeze dried bloodworm I have some hikari marine fish food very small .. I may try that until I can get some betta food

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Fish can easily go without food for several days, or even weeks - don't panic.

If you just got him, give him some time to get used to the new home.

Bettas like to eat off the surface - maybe try to crush the dry flakes and sprinkle them on the surface so that it floats for a bit.

O.i.c will try that... I've seen him eat but he spat it back out...:-/ but thanks for the advice..

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My daughter picked up a copper rosetail betta about a year ago that didn't eat for a few days. One thing that helped was raising the temperature from 75 to 80 F (23 to 27 C). But he did take a few days to adjust to his new surroundings before he ate.

Now he eats like a pig.

All our bettas get flake.
Bettas can be pretty picky about what they eat. Try not to feed him too many blood worms, since they aren't super nutritious for them. I feed my boys New Life Spectrum Betta Formula and
. They love them both. Got both kinds form my local Petco.

No on all these foods..

Temp is 26•c

There he is Bertie betta.. Crawled out of the betta cave..

Mocking me ( must say he has loads of personality ... Much better than tetras that just swim about)..

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I only have one betta that will eat flake food, he is the king (literally) of my 40B and eats flake because that's what all the other community fish eat.

All the other bettas eat New Life spectrum and Omega one betta pellets. If I put flakes in their tanks the snails eat them. New Life Spectrum floats and is smaller than Omega One, NLS is by far my favorite of the two.
Did you ask the store/person the betta was purchased from what they fed it? Some feed pellets, some freeze dried/frozen food.
I just ordered some betta bio gold .. Hopefully that will do the job.. To be truthful I just felt sorry for the poor guy .. Usually the lfs I go to are really good..but this guy was in a big tank.. In this little See-through box thing which was the size of a large matchbox ..

So decided their and then to bring him home.. And he's alright very likeable..

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He looks sick today...

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Most likely, he has been in a pretty bad condition even before you took him home. There is only so much you can do for him now.

Lets hope he has a strong will to live.

If you don't have them already, floating plants will make him feel safer and more comfortable. A taller, larger leaf plant will also help him rest closer to the surface.

Best of luck to both of you.

Well I did a 10% water change with remineralized ro water .. Put the heater up a bit and he seems to be rallying .. Added some vitalizer tonic.. And am making another 10% my nitrates on the litmus paper are 25 p.p.m so am looking to do a little better..

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Just done another 10% and turned the flow up so there's a bit more current..

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I think he's pretty much a goner :-( put out tank lights .. For less stress ...

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I'm so sorry. :-(

I think he was a goner before you got him.
I shall give it a while and get another one ..

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He didn't make it ....

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I'm sorry for your loss. You wouldn't happen to have done a pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate test on the water it first came in to compare to your own water? Betta like all fish can suffer shock from drastic changes in water parameters, it may take them longer to die from it though.
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