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Betta + Wabi Kusa

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Hi All,

After a cross country move in the past year I'm looking to get back in to planted aquariums and I'm greatly impressed by the wabi kusa set-ups I've been seeing around. Here are two great examples:

I particularly love the first example (though I imagine the Betta might prefer a bit more water). I'd love to start keeping Bettas again and this seems like a great set up to complement their flashy looks. Any insight on the size of these tanks, or reality of keeping Betta and wabi kusa? Can you ID the red and yellow emergent plants in these set-ups?

on the topic provides a good starting point too. Can you id what size that DoAqua tank is in the video?

Stoked to jump into this.

Thanks in advance,
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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