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Betta tankmates

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Currently I have a 10g tank with a single male plakat. There's already 5 Kuhli loaches. Is it possible to put any more fish in the tank?

Fish being considered
Bumblebee goby
Gold barbs
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Otos will be fine, I have bettas in 2 tanks with otos and they don't even seem to notice each other. I can't speak for the goby or barbs.
Currently I have a 10g tank with a single male plakat. There's already 5 Kuhli loaches. Is it possible to put any more fish in the tank?

Fish being considered
Bumblebee goby
Gold barbs
Okay, from my limit experience with Kuhli loaches I believe they need a 20 gallon. Not saying you can pull them off in a 10 gallon... but you are already pushing it then.

Ottos- do really well together with betas

bumblebee Goby's- brackish water fish and shouldn't be housed with betas

Golden barbs- not sure about the golden...but i know a lot of barbs are fin nippers.

My gold barbs have gotten to be about 3 inches long, I think they would be to large for a 10 gallon tank. Originally I bought them for a 10 gallon but they got moved really quick as they weren't happy at all.
So could I add otos? But after that no more fish at all?
You could add 3-4 ottos, anymore, and you're tank will be over-overstocked lol.
Keep up with weekly maintenance if you decide to add any more fish either way ;)
Remember, bettas are very much individuals, so some bettas will go after any tank mates while others will tolerate tank mates that most would have shredded in minutes (I.E fancy guppies). Have a quarantine tank on hand in case something goes wrong.
If I wanted to get more fish, would upgrading to a 15g be good?
I have had several Beta fish in the past, and have housed them with plenty of other fish, the main thing to look out for is other fish harassing the Beta, that will make your Beta super aggressive and lash out at anything that comes near it. By nature Beta fish are pretty docile, they are content to lounge on a leaf all day, being as they are usually not super active fish you need to house them with fish that will not bother them, most community tank fish will be okay. Barbs may get to the point that they want to fin nip at the Beta, and the barbs will also team up on the Beta if given the change.

As for upgrading, if you live next to a petco you should try and take advantage of their $1 a gallon sale that is currently going on. If you wanted a decent size tank where you can keep a variety of fish with ease, I would suggest a 40 gallon breeder, these have the best deal on them during the sale, and if you want to sell it in the future it is multipurpose, a lot of people use that size aquarium to house all kinds of reptiles. I wouldn't suggest going to a 15 gallon, because that isn't much bigger than what you have now and it seems like you may be getting fish fever like many of us on this forum. When I started out I had two 30 gallon aquariums, and quickly upgraded once I figured out how to get my plants to grow well to a 75 gallon aquarium, I have used the 75 for around 3 years, and will be upgrading it to a 180 I believe. I was thinking of going with a 100 or a 125 but a lot of people that have those have reported that they wish they would have went with the 180, its the same foot print as the 125 but a lot more space inside.
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I don't really have room for another 40g tank, so would a 20 long be ok?
Also child dwarf honey gouramis be a possibility?
Gouramis and bettas would fight.
Yes, a 20 long should work.
Good betta tankmates depend on the betta, but assuming you have a fairly nice one:
Ottos almost always work
Most rasboras are decent bets
Marble hatchetfish probably wouldn't bother it
And pencilfish could be worth a try.
What about gold barbs? I've read from many sites that they don't display the typical fin nipping traits.
Gold or cherry barbs are peaceful... 6 or so of those might work, but definitely not any longfin ones, if such varieties exist.
Huge variety of fish out there and of all things you keep coming back to the gold barb! I think the rosy barb would be better off the top of my head if you're really hung up on barbs
Rosy barbs hit four inches, so unless this person wants a 4 foot tank they are probably a no. Did I add that rosy barbs are a subtropical species (I.E normal tropical temps would be uncomfortable to them)?
I would say you could add 6 cherry barbs to a 20 long with your current fish, and that'd just about be it.
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