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Hey everyone,
I currently have a 20 long tank with
1 sword tail
12 neon tetras
6 Blue-eyed forktail rainbows
2 oto cats
6 amano shrimp
4 horned nerites and crap load of unwanted snails lol

iuse to have a betta but he unfortunately died due to a heater malfunction last year:(

now that i have moved on, i really want another betta. maybe a elephant ear betta. or halfmoon.

my question is, would i be overstocking my tank? everyone seems okay and no signs of over crowding. Pretty much the neons stay together and the other fish and sword tail just roam all over the tank with no issues.

Would the betta and swordtail get along or would there be signs of territorial behavior? The swordtail doesnt seem aggressive at all towards any of the other fish considering his size.

Thanks everyone!