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Betta sucked into a tube

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Yesterday I added a large rock with java ferns attached to my 8 gallon low tech bowl. I moved a couple things around and must have caused a mini cycle. This morning the embers were hanging out up at the surface and seemed a bit stressed, so I did at 75% wc right away. And then in a moment of distraction, the betta got sucked into the tube! Holy crap, the stress.

I didn't know what to do, so I blew him out into the bucket and then put him back into the bowl. He looks shocked, but for the most part looks okay. He lost a good patch of scales on top of the head and behind the gills though, so I have begun dosing with diluted Melafix. I will continue 50% daily water changes this week. Anything else I can do? Poor fish.
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I was pulling fish out of my 29g, it was late and I should have waited. I pulled the last one down and set the net on a towl next to the tank. Walked away for about 30-45min, came back to feed the betta and didnt' see him in the tank. Looked over and he was in the net. I don't know how I grabbed him and didn't see it. I put him back into the tank and he was fine. Hardy little fish.
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