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Betta sucked into a tube

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Yesterday I added a large rock with java ferns attached to my 8 gallon low tech bowl. I moved a couple things around and must have caused a mini cycle. This morning the embers were hanging out up at the surface and seemed a bit stressed, so I did at 75% wc right away. And then in a moment of distraction, the betta got sucked into the tube! Holy crap, the stress.

I didn't know what to do, so I blew him out into the bucket and then put him back into the bowl. He looks shocked, but for the most part looks okay. He lost a good patch of scales on top of the head and behind the gills though, so I have begun dosing with diluted Melafix. I will continue 50% daily water changes this week. Anything else I can do? Poor fish.
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I put a baby betta in my 20g community tank and couldnt fine him for about 48hrs, finally I started looking around a lot closer and found him/her in my Aquaclear 50. He got sucked up the intake and was swimming around under the foam pad along with a Scarlit badis. Scared the beejeebees out of me. Both were pale for awhile but perked back up and the Betta turned blue within about 30min. Ate right away as well. (I have since put a pre filter sponge on the intack.)
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