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Betta Rescape Help

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I'm looking for any suggestions or advice for rescaping my two 2.5g betta tanks. I'm moving my tanks back into my bedroom after a sewer backup. I've lost most of my plants from the spike in bacteria in the room, so I'm willing to buy things to add as well. I also don't have to use everything available. The tanks are both low tech and I have Seachem Flourish, Excel, and Root Tabs available as well.

I really like the riverbed aesthetic. I also would like the tanks to be symmetrical or mirror each other, since they sit on either side of a larger tank. I find the filter is my biggest obstacle trying to do this because plants underneath it get much less light.

Currently Available:
- Two Aqueon BettaBow 2.5g Tanks (No Dividers)

- Two Top Fin Balinese Lantern Ornaments

- Black Gravel
- Two Plain Black Backgrounds
- Two Amazon Swords
- Lots of Java Moss
- Lots of Dwarf Sagittaria

Thanks for reading and any suggestions!

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