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Betta is getting fatter without me feeding him.. whats he eating?

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The last couple of days I haven't been feeding my fish to fast them, but my betta is getting fatter.. is he eating snails or their eggs? That's the only thing I can think of.. he looks overfed but should be skinny right now :icon_neut
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I once had a beta and it ate about half of the eggs that my apple snails laid.
Oh crap! What should I do? He's really fat and I cannot feed my corys

The snails are small, just a common pond snail or something
Do you have a picture? Is it possible he has bloat? Are his scales sticking out? You could try feeding him a blanched pea.

He isn't in the best of shape..
I'm treating him for what might of been velvet, and he had ich.. I'm using copper safe and maracyn 2 right now. Both were started yesterday.. Maracide did nothing to help

Doesn't look like bloat because it's irregular looking from the bottom, like he ate a ton of food
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Pond snail eggs are tiny, so even if he ate all of the eggs that were laid it wouldn't really matter. I don't know much about fish diseases so I can't really help there. Sorry, hope he gets better.
Constipation is pretty common with bettas, you might try feeding some blanched, peeled peas or some frozen daphnia.

Why aren't you feeding him while medicating him?

It should be pretty easy to confirm whether or not he's got velvet. Turn off all the lights in the room and shine a regular flashlight on him. If he glistens like he's covered in gold dust, that's velvet.

When treating velvet you're supposed to keep in in complete darkness.
My bettas ate snails. They would flip them over and suck them right out of their shells.
My bettas ate snails. They would flip them over and suck them right out of their shells.
In my tank (which contains a betta, a population of cherry shrimp, ramshorn snails and malaysian trumpet snails as well as some Dwarf Rasboras), the betta is definitely eating some baby shrimp/ramshorn snails, which is fine by me. He gets flake food when I feed the rasboras but I'm pretty sure he could be self-sufficient in the tank.
i agree, hes probably constipated. fast him for a couple days....then give him a thawed. shelled pea...a few tiny pieces.

bettas do best in their own tank (not tellimg u what to do), he could be a bit stressed too, if you think he's sick. do you have a QT you can put him in for medicating and monitoring? i'm a believer in Qtanks!
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