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Betta has a curved spine?

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Now, I thought my Betta was being overfed. I also though he has swim bladder disease. But I noticed that his spine was curved. I thought it was just his apperance at first. But after some research, I found out it might be "Tuberculosis in Betta Fish." I'm not completley sure though.
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Could be any number of things, betta are notorious for swim bladder issues and bloat which can lead to them awkwardly positioning themselves. A lot of farm betta (most of the ones in cups in box stores) tend to have many diseases from the way they have been handled throughout the first parts of their lives. I feel for you. I have my fingers crossed it's not tb. Fish tb is still pretty rare but I'd still take the extra precaution of keeping my skin covered when handling water changes and tank maintenance, just in case.
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